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       About Us
We are the Manufacturer & Suppliers of Wash basin in Stone, Pebbles & Landscaping Artifacts. The company is managed by a team of well trained, high profile professionals and recognizes all round skilled crafted manpower as their most valuable assets. The company is equipped with required manufacturing facilities with an excellent contacts of quarry owner, who can supplies highly required raw materials in time.

Our company constantly supplies to Indian market. Through dealer net work Perfect quality, excellent service and reasonable prices have given us vigorous development for export market .

We are developing export market through dealer net work with the prime objective of selling Indian stone wash basin globally, with an unabated stamp of quality and precision wok done by us. We are amongst the very few Stone wash basin exporters in India who have manufacturing facilities, stands apart with extensive machines and skills for serving royal customers all around the world, and bring the competitive edge in delivering on time and with highest level of quality.

While trying to offer competitive prices, we put much focus on our quality control as we believe that quality is the key to long-term success. Years of experience and skillful crafted workers have ensured that our quality will always meet the expectation from our customers without any surprises.

We can produce products according to customer’s specifications. You are welcomed to provide us with your drawings and specifications for us to quote. We understand the importance of competitive prices, good quality and on-time delivery and are committed to providing our customers with the best service. Contact us soon to enjoy the same satisfaction all our customers have received.
Pebbles :
Pebbles are in smaller ,rounded oval,egg shape type, Stone is used in decorative purposes.
It is available naturally, river pebbles, quartz pebbles and machine made as per client choice.
size will be 1 mm to 200 mm and above , its harness between 6 to 9, different colour.i.e. white, black, green, blue, Pink, yellow, brown, red, purpole and many more colour
Decorative Stone pebbles,chips,grits crystal, sand powder this is available in all colour shape and size with different mesh
Imagination of architect choice, which built up dream home as per client choice, Due to stylish elegant graceful natural stone for your garden dream project
It is used in home,artificial ponds,fountains,posh lounges, open air theaters,aquarium park garden, railway station, airport etc for beautification purposes, Due to fire proof in nature and law maintains cost.
As flat in nature it is used in body massage and acupressure
It is used as industrial grinding media stone, grinding media for ball mill,attriator milling,ceramic,paint industries,aqua culture, Bowell's as filtering media, water treatment plant and dams in water slurry purposes

Sink(wash basin) :
Sink(wash basin) is made of stone marble(Indian, imported) /granite / limestone / onyx / glass / copper etc
Due to unique in nature it give you effect of elegant stylish to your bath and other places
It is available in polished , glossy, rough in nature, antique media etc as per client /and architecture choice
It is hand made crafted , without joint hence slightly variation is there.
As per client drawing we can made as per any shape at any time, any quantity
Our standard range of product we are also able to offer you service ,we can customise any of our units and workshop to your individual requirements.
Collection has been carefully selected using only the finest natural raw materials.